Forms from abstract

Ever since P saw me painting with water colours, he has been itching to paint on his own without help. Asserting independence is a big thing now and he simply has to do all things ‘alone without help’. So I let him have his way and did a project that is one of the first things any art school teacher will ask you to do.


I laid out a sheet of paper, water and brush in front of P and asked him to paint the whole paper with water. P was only too happy to oblige. At this point, take care that too much water is not used in enthusiasm as the paper can tear or disintegrate.


Then I gave him water colours and asked him to simply drop blobs of it using a brush. Once the colours hit the paper, they started to spread. P tilted and swirled the paper so that the paint could spread and we could have more designs.



I then got him to fold the paper so as to have a mirror image of the design. Once done I got him to think of what the design/painting looked like, It look a while and a lot of prompting from my end to get him to think and imagine. But P got the idea and came up with house, tree, butterfly, sun etc.

Once he was sure of what the design looked like I outlined the shape and we had the most beautiful butterfly, house and trees. The activity kicked in his thinking and imaginative skill and I was pleased he was able to get forms out of abstract.



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