Marble paper

The milk and paint project ( was a real cool one and I didn’t have the heart to let all that beautiful pattern we had got, go waste. So I decided to make marble paper out of it.

This was something a friend of mine, also an art enthusiast, had taught me years ago. Of course it’s not something P can do at his age, but I still wanted him to see and try. Ideally I would recommend this for kids above 6 years.


Before P could make a muddy concoction of the paint burst in milk, I cut out small rectangles of A4 paper and hand made paper. While the design was still there, I gently placed the paper on the surface (avoid dipping), so that the paper could absorb all the colours.



Then holding one end I quickly took it out and put it to dry. The swirled effect had got printed on the paper and there it was – our very own marble paper.


You can use this paper for anything, cards, gift tags, writing paper… the options are limitless. I used mine as gift tags by adding a few flowers, leaves and borders



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