Big Bang theory and the milky way

The combination of milk, paint and soap is like the Disney combo – eternal and magical. This explains why it is the most popular activity in school, art classes and homes.

Last week P and I went on our own trip of the milky way using this combination. Since we were busy doing the experiment, I didn’t get to snap the first burst of colours, hence the borrowed pic


pic courtesey: stevespangler science

Here’s a list of what you need


Food colour

Liquid soap

Tooth pick


Pour milk into a shallow bowl and drop different colours. Keep some distance between two colours.


Dip the end of a toothpick in liquid soap and just touch (not dip) the surface of milk and watch the magic


The colours burst around the soap almost giving it a ‘Big Bang of Universe’ look


P loved it to the hilt and kept repeating the experiment till we had muddy milk. We tried it with water too and the effect was same, but the white colour of milk adds an ethereal touch



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