Drawing beyond standing and sleeping lines

With each project getting P more and more interested and engaged in art, I thought it was a good time to get him to the next level in controlling the pencil. His pincer grip and fine motor skills are definetly better from where he started. So I wanted him to move beyond standing line, slanting line and sleeping line to well defined curves and circles.

I was up for a rather busy week with a deadline to complete my painting, starting a new assignment, a bloggers conference and the ‘sacrilege to miss’ Sivamani, Trilok Gurtu concert to attend. So with little preparatory time in hand I resorted to our old game of rolling the dice (http://wp.me/p479a9-1T, slanting-lines-hopping-curves-squiggles-and-giggles)

I made a cube with an old green tea box (the quality of paper is really good) and drew out a sun, fish, flower, leaf, butterfly and bird. Basically objects that have well defined curves and round shape. Once made we were all set to play.


The game – like the earlier one – we rolled the dice and whatever side turned up, the player had to draw it on the chart/paper. P struggled in the beginning to get the shape and form, but got better as we went along.

After a few trials I challenged him to try and draw in a way he could link them. For eg. if he got a flower first and then a butterfly. maybe he could try and draw the butterfly on the flower. A sun and bird – bird trying to fly towards her friend sun. He tried for a round or two but went back to follow his old pattern of drawing them where ever he found space. I let it be as I didn’t want my influence on the project.


We played the game till we filled the chart. What will I do with this colourful project? That’s for another day and another project.


5 thoughts on “Drawing beyond standing and sleeping lines

  1. Hello!! Thank you for sharing your blog. This is precisely what I needed. Very well done and there is a ton of stuff for me and the missus to learn from you here. Fantastic! Thanks again for sharing!

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