Immortalising Mallipoo in salt!

We are still re, re, re-reading the books we got last weekend and the one that caught P’s fancy the most is the story “Mallipoo, where are you?” (Tulika). I think it’s the name that’s fascinated him the most. So when I wanted to do an art activity around the books, I knew just what it would be.


I have done a fair bit of sand painting in my student days, none of which I’ve had to re-touch surprisingly. I wanted to do some sand painting with P because it’s a great sensory play. Unfortunately with the sand in Mumbai being highly questionable, I decided to substitute it with salt instead. It’s close enough texture wise and a great alternative painting wise.

We started off by me drawing out Mallipoo the pig sleeping in her mud pit. I then spread fevicol over the drawing and got P to fill it with salt. Once the whole drawing was covered, I tapped off the extra salt. We repeated this process till we got a fairly thick layer of salt.

I then laid out water colours for P and this was the fun part. As opposed to a regular  painting, in this one, one needs to just touch the salt with the brush and the paint spreads instantly due to absorption. P was thrilled seeing this and kept dropping blobs of paint, which ended up giving a great shading effect.



Once all of the salt absorbed the paint, I finished off outlining the drawing with sketch pen and giving little details. The end result was awesome and now Mallipoo has a highest place on the hall of fame (the door to P’s room)



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