Brown paper packages tied up with strings…

These are a few of our favourite things. Last weekend we got two brown paper packages and my!my! weren’t we thrilled! The books I ordered and what the fond grandparents sent arrived one after another and the piles left us hardly any time for art.

The first to arrive was the set I had ordered from Tulika publication. I am a huge fan of their stories for children primarily because they are so Indian and rustic. The stories are simple, identifiable and just right for preschoolers. The illustrations are well defined, colourful and really arty. P and I go over every detail of art work and marvel over it.


I get P to identify colours, shapes, form and little designs besides alphabets ans sight words. Of late, he has been asking about colour combinations  too, which is a big leap.

But what I like most about them is the Tamilian names for characters – Mallipoo the pig, Shanmugham the lion, Ranganna the elephant, Gajapati kulapati and many more. It brings out the latent ‘Chennaite’ and the true Tamizh ponnu in me!

The next set of books was the Lady bird series. These too are delightfully simple stories with repetition – just what preschoolers need. They love repetition. P insists on repeat rendering with the same modulation and sound effects.


We read and re re re-read all of them and the weekend was spent in the world of sleepy Bahadur, soft Mallipoo, hard working red hen and clever Billy Goat.

P loved the names so much that he started calling us Mallipoo, Shanmugham and himself sleepy Bahadur!


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