Colouring without brushes or crayons

Yes, we did a colouring project without using brushes or crayons or sketch pens.

How? We simply used food colour, water and craft sticks (ice cream sticks). The project also doubled up as a science experiment – capillary action. No, I didn’t tell P the scientific name, else we would have been stuck at the word all day! P has a habit of repeating difficult words till he gets it right.

We started off by dissolving food color in water – red, blue, yellow. I explained to P these are the primary colours from which all other colours originate. Then we took our craft sticks and let P stick one in each of the colours.


Almost instantly the coloured water started rising up, colouring the stick. When it was half way, we turned the stick and stuck it into a different colour.


Again instantly the colour began rising. But this time where the two colours met, it mixed and gave a third colour. Red and blue became purple, yellow and blue became green and red and yellow became orange.

P was delighted too see the colour mixing and he kept putting more sticks and trying out other combinations.


Once the sticks were dry, we made a nice photo frame and put a snap of P. It now stands proudly in his train bookshelf.



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