Caught the sun!

We did this super easy sun catcher over the weekend. Ever since the rains washed away our first plane sun catcher (, P has been wanting to make one more. This time it was less effort and sunny results!


You just need 3 things to make this one – coloured chart paper, oil and ear buds

To make 

1. Cut the chart paper into any shape you want. We did circle as P wanted it to be like the sun


2. Dip the ear buds in oil and draw, paint or just dot away on the paper. Try to cover as much space as possible. We did leaves, butterfly, plane, standing line, sleeping line and many many dots. The oil makes the paper transparent which will allow the sunlight to filter through and create a lovely effect.


3. Once done, punch a hole and string a thread. Hold it against the sun or hang it in the sunny side of your house and enjoy the beautiful sunlight filtering through the art work.



We did quite a few in orange, green and white paper. We realised we got the best effect is on coloured paper because of the colour contrast.


Try it, it really easy and the effect is beautiful and immediate (key word for preschoolers!)



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