All purpose plane game

Much that I want P to see beyond planes, he refuses to, and pretty much clings on to the big bird. Yes! we have one plane parked on the bed beside him every night!

The only way I can get P to extend his attention span is to involve planes. This game was a product of his obsession and my exasperation. I use this game for math, language and science.

I cut out and outlined a dozen planes from regular chart paper and put paper clips on the nose. I tied a small magnet to a stick and we were ready to fly.


The game is to get the magnet to stick to the clip on the nose and make it take off and land safely. He uses one of our flower vases as the ATC (Air traffic control). No holes barred on authenticity!


As a math game

No matter how many objects are there in front of P, he will count it to the latest number he knows. So even if there are just 10 objects and he is doing number 25 in school, he will keep counting till he reaches 25.

We play this game to reinforce counting. We take off from Mumbai airport and land on various other airports. I make him count the planes as he takes off and lands (with sound effects). So far its been effective as his counting is getting better.


As a language game:

I do a lot of phonics and sight word recognition with P even though he has not started in school.

Once I am done teaching him the sound/word, I call out the word/sound and P has to land his planes on the correct one. Some times I land the plane on a word and P has to guess it right



As a science game:

P was intrigued by the fact that the stick stuck to his plane, till I told him about the magnet and it’s attraction to iron.

Once we are done with our math/language game I make him go around the house finding things that are made of iron. It’s a delight when he squeals ‘amma it stuck. There’s iron in the chair/train/fridge’

The only tough part in the game for me is each time his plane takes off I need to be play the captain and say ‘Passengers fasten your seat belts, ground staff deplane, arm all doors, ready for take off’. Then wait for ATC permission.

Guess there’s no skirting rules here!


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