Wheels of the bus go ….

P was revisiting ‘wheels of the bus go round …’ poem in school. I guessed this as he was singing it in a loop and suddenly he seemed to want BEST bus and a.c bus toys. He whined and whined but as always had to settle for a drawn versions of it from me. He wasn’t too happy but I managed to drum up excitement by saying we’ll cut and stick – scissors and glue are currently forbidden things in his life. The last time he laid his hands on them, he almost cut the father’s ears and glued up my painting!

Anyway, I drew out a a.c bus with ventillation, grab handles, big mirror et al, as P screamed out various parts . I was super pleased with my work as it was the first time I was drawing a vehicle with such detail. The son thought otherwise!

I let him cut the coloured paper all by himself and gave him glue stick which he used generously to bring life to his bus. As he cut and stuck, I realised he had come a long way from the first time we did this activity. He was able to cut, stick and gauge space much better than last time when I had to guide him a lot.


The a.c bus turned out really nice and we both were pleased as punch – P for getting unlimited time and fun with scissors and glue, me for the good outcome with no casualties!


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