Looking through painted glass

We were back to our art after our science experiments. I have been itching to do glass painting but was holding back as P is not yet ready for it. Glass painting is the prettiest form of art and requires controlled fine motor skills and P is just getting there. All the same I wanted him to just see the process and get acquainted with another form of painting.


I brought out an old dettol bottle and a few glass spice jars, cleaned and sun dried them. P wanted a sun, tree, bird and a few more designs which I outlined on the glass. I showed him how to fill the outlines with paint carefully within the outline, without spilling. I made him try initially by holding his hand but as always he wasn’t too happy and wanted a go ‘thanne’ (alone).


The colours are very runny and for P it was quite a challenge to make it all stay within the boundary. I let him have his fun and at one point the whole bottle was coloured. After much cleaning up and redoing we had our beautiful bottle and jars.


What thrilled P was the transparency of the paint against sunlight. He kept taking it from room to room and holding it out against the light and seeing through the painted glass. He kept yelling out ‘now green leaves, now yellow leaves, now red leaves’ when he saw the tree outside through the painted jars.

He may be too small to do glass painting, but old enough to see the world in a different light!


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