Science is fun

Ever since we did the salt and ice science experiment, P has been wanting to do more ‘esspement’. My family will vouch for my just about nodding acquaintance with science, so it was quite a challenge to get all scientific. I reluctantly dived into books and surfed for something that I could do, and more importantly explain to P.

This one literally had me sit up and take notice for it was more artistic and magical than science. I totally recommend you do it for its simplicity yet vibrant result.


Ingredients for the experiment

Violet cabbage – 1 bowl chopped fine (beetroot will also work)

Lime juice – few drops


Pour boiling water over chopped violet cabbage and let it rest for a few minutes. You can see the water turning beautiful violet almost immediately.

Wait. Do not disturb till the time the colour intensifies.

Once most of the colour is absorbed, strain the cabbage and pour out the coloured liquid in a glass bowl/cup.


Now drop a few drops of lime juice to the coloured water and see the magic.


The water turns into a gorgeous shocking pink colour instantly.


The expression on P’s face as the colour changed was even better than the experiment. He wanted to do more and we ended up repeating the experiment quite a few times.


Finally we used the coloured water to make lovely pink home made play dough.

I would definetly recommend this little scientific experiment as it will open up curious little minds in more ways than one. I had to battle a list of questions after that from P. Luckily I was prepared for most of them.


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