Wheeling and dealing in Math

P has started 2 digit numbers in school and they have progressed quite a bit. To make it fun I made this game which he and I play.Its quite simple and basically aims at getting P to recognise combination of 2 digit numbers. Sometimes if he feels like it he goes on to write them afterwards.


For the game I cut up one sideĀ used paper into 3 circles of decreasing size. I used 2 different colours to differentiate between place values and to make it look pretty.


I held the circles down like a rotating wheel by using the clip from an old paper file. This gave a free movement to the wheel, You can use a thumbtack and tape the sharp end to avoid pricking.


Now playing the game – initially I would set the number and P had to guess it – like 10, 12, 15 etc. Once he got the hang of turning the wheel and setting the number, I called out the number and he set it.


It was fun and we ended up doing quite a few big numbers like 45, 47, 50…


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