The hangar gets a private jet

The father’s creativity (strictly limited to aeronautics) spilled out last weekend when the son reminded him about the private jet he promised to make. So out came a set of old business cards, markers, glue and various instruments which I last saw in Geometry class back in school.


The man carefully measured, marked cut and bent the cards to first make a framework of the main body and wings. P enthusiastically helped in the sticking and holding of cards. I tried to click photos but was rudely shooed away as I ‘disturbed the process’. So this is the only snap I have of the making.


I was quite happy to get back to my painting and books. The duo worked late into the night to finish their jet.

Next morning I woke up to a sleeping P hugging a super cool private jet. After ‘flying’ it for a day P sketched the windows and doors and it was ready for official launch!



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