Jungle gym’ing’ into the new year

Happy new year to all of you.  We started off our new year with a great gross motor skill activity. P was super super happy as he really enjoys all things sporty.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, we had quite a busy Xmas holiday with all the printing and painting. So we decided to give art a break and get all sporty. Frankly I was lazy and just wanted to sit in a corner shouting instructions!

I pulled out all my left over crochet yarns and tied it around the furniture in our living room. I ensured it crisscrossed many times and tied some high ones and some low ones. I then told P, I would shout out ‘up’ or ‘down’ and he accordingly had to jump/cross  or crawl under the yarn. The only rule was to listen carefully and try not to touch the yarn.


So off he went jumping and crawling from one end to the other as I happily yelled out ‘up’, ‘down’ just sitting and sipping my coffee.


After few rounds, I wrote ‘up’ and ‘down’ on flash cards and just showed them to him. He had to recognise and follow instructions. P has not started reading in school. This is more of sight word recognition. He did really well.


Alas! my peace was short lived as he soon said ‘now your turn amma’ and made me crawl and jump. He loved the game so much that he insisted it remained intact till the father came home. Of course the man was not too pleased to do an obstacle race to get inside the house.

All the same its a super fun activity and if your house has more than one kid its even better.


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