A project tad too salty!

I wanted to carry our little salt experiment further and decided to do this project. I had read about it and wanted to try it asap for its stunning effects.

Alas! it took us multiple trials, fights and disappointments before we got it some what right. The end result is a far cry from what it must be, nevertheless it was way better from where we started.

So the technique is to have water colour resistant subject on paper, colour with water colours and sprinkle salt – preferably rock salt or any big crystal salt on the painting before the colours dry. The salt will soak in the colours creating a stunning shading effect.

As always P wanted the scene to be ‘Sukoi plane flying in the night’. Our disagreement started from there. I prodded him to think of other subjects for variety and fun. He thought and thought earnestly and said ‘ok then Mirage 2000 flying under orange sun or maybe A 380 taking off.’ I gave up!

So I stuck some stars and the beaming indulgent father drew out a Sukoi.


P water coloured and then sprinkled salt. Nothing happened as the colours dried up before P could sprinkle salt. Also, we used cake water colours which is of lower quality, instead of tube.


We redid it, only this time, I sprinkled salt as P coloured. Still, no effect as P mixed the colours and salt in his enthusiasm.


After many failures, finally I coloured and P sprinkled salt simultaneously. This time it was better but far from what it should look. By then, we were tired and decided to call it a day. P thought it was more fun just colouring the salt and fooling!


Tip: Use water colour paper and water colour tubes for this one


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