Spraying happiness around

As a kid I loved spray painting because there was so much more surface to mess with. The added benefit was I can’t really be blamed as I had little control on where the paint sprayed. No wonder my mother banned it early in life!

I thought P will love it too – not that there are restrictions of ‘colourful mess’ in our space. So we decided to relive my childhood.

P was most amused when I took out an old toothbrush and comb along with paints. As usual he wanted a plane, ATC (air traffic control) on one card and ‘Hungry catterpillar’s’ butterfly on the other. The boy really cannot think beyond planes!

So I cut out the shapes and placed it on the card. You can either cut the inside part and spray paint inside – this way your sibject will be spray painted and the background will be white. Else you can cut shapes and spray paint outside – this way your subject will be white and background spray painted.

I held the cut shapes down with some old toys. I made P dip the toothbrush in water colour and run this thumb over the bristles. I didn’t let him use the comb as the teeth can hurt.

Initially he loved the way the paint sprayed all over. Soon he realised the mess was more than he could tolerate. After a few paintings he declared “Madhi (enough), its too sprayeee and my toys are all sprayed.”  Sigh!so much for similarity in genes!



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