Scientific art or artistic science?

Xmas hols have started and we have a lot of time in hand. So I thought I’ll try some science through art – you know, the basic forms of matter and one form becoming another.

Taking a cue out of my art books, I froze water in bowls, ice tray and mugs to get different shapes. Once the ice was formed I took them out of the moulds. We pretended they were mountains and plateaus and little hillocks.

I then placed them on a plate and sprinkled salt over some of them. To give it an artistic tinge and to make him see how salt slowed the melting I got him to dip a dropper into water colours and drop them on the little mountains and plateaus. The effect was stunning – coloured ridges formed in the salt melted grooves. We went on to drop more colours and saw how the colours mixed and formed a different colour – yellow + blue became green, red and yellow became green.



P kept rubbing salt on the ice to get more ridges and was squirting away the colours to get absolutely gorgeous efffect on ice.


Our little science experiment was super fun. What was more fun was seeing the colours trickle down  the ridges and fissures formed by salt creating stunning combination of colours.

I don’t know if P learnt anything about science but he sure learnt colour mixing. By the end he was screaming red and blue gives purple, red and green makes brown!


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