First picture story – and quite a profitable one too!

It was my dad’s birthday early this month and as usual P and I decided to make a card. I sat with P to make the card when he decided he wanted to do it ‘thannae’ (alone). Sure enough I left him with the card and supplies and he trotted off to the kitchen for ‘thannae time’ (‘alone time’) – a phrase I use very often!

10 minutes later he declared he’s done. I was expecting the usual jumbo jets, fighter planes and local train, but surprised to find this


I asked him to explain his work of art and he told me, ‘it’s a story for musha (what he fondly calls my dad) because he is a writer.’ ‘Ok, so what is the story?’ I asked. And this is what he rattled off


Guess the ‘thanne’ time in the kitchen inspired him! We sealed and posted the card. Sure enough a very emotional grandfather called on receiving the card and guess what the cheeky grandson asks ‘Now your turn to send the return gift.’

And promptly a A 380 airbus plane was couriered. Talk about knowing to press the right ‘squiggles and alphabets’


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