Magic painting

E1 has been telling P a lot of stories about Santa’s magic. He has told him that Santa magically brings in lots of presents and sprinkles magical powder on the Xmas tree of ‘good children’.  Santa also knows a lot of magic and only well behaved children can see it.

Keeping the spirit going, I decided to introduce P to magic painting. He was all excited and wanted to see magic for first time.

I told him to draw whatever he liked on the card paper using only the white crayon. You can use neutral coloured chart paper too – the important thing is to draw with white crayon.

P drew a host of things – plane, train and butterfly figuring in most of the drawings. Once done we said ‘abracadabra’ a few times. Then  I got him to dip his brush in water colour and sweep over the drawing, colouring the entire card paper.

Voila!  the crayoned part emerged bright and white while the rest of the paper got coloured in multi-coloured hues.

P couldn’t get over it and kept making more and more magic paintings to show Santa and  E1,E2,E3!




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