Grill’d’ Xmas tree

Like I said the 3Es’ have passed on the Christmas spirit to P. So the new whine was for a ‘beeeeg’ Xmas tree. Knowing his fleeting interests we did not want to buy one. As the octave got higher, I gave in and ambitiously promised to make a ‘beeeeg’ eco-friendly, recycled tree. In my enthusiasm I subjected him to a quick class on saving the environment and being eco-friendly.

Alas! many attempts later all I was left with was a mass of paper pulp, vile looking clay and bunch of cardboard. I gave up.

The only usable thing left was the ornaments which P and I had made. Finally we hung all of it on our grill. P was not too impressed and whined again saying it was not as pretty and green as E1, E2 and E3’s tree.

I managed to shush him with extra quota of ice-cream and the father has gallantly promised to make a private jet!



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