Alphabet ice cream game

P has finished capital alphabets in school and has now started with small letters. He still can’t understand why alphabets have big and small when numbers don’t. Well! that’s something I’ll have to deal with later. But for now we came up with a small game to match and identify capital and small alphabets. We call it our ‘ice cream game’

I made cones from regular chart paper – this one was used on one side for a different project and I didn’t want to waste it. I wrote all the capital letters on the cones. Then I made another set of ice cream shapes with small letters. I had a whole roll of the same sheet and hence used it. You can use different colours and make it more interesting.

The game is to identify and match the right cone to the right ice cream. It’s great fun and in fact can be used for a lot of concepts like spellings, opposites, verbs, nouns etc. It can also be played as a math game wherein the sum can be written on the cone and the answer on the ice cream. The possibilities are many and the fun unlimited!



5 thoughts on “Alphabet ice cream game

  1. great idea mayachechiiii…even i am also confused abt d same…dachu will read only Capital letters..he was totally confused with small letters…will try to implement ur thought…:)

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