Recycled art

It was Diwali time and I had a exhibition and sale coming up. Besides handmade soaps and crochet products I was also making eco-friendly products from recycled material. I was making coasters, boxes, bowls and key chains from old newspapers.

P was initially intrigued when he saw me with piles of newspapers, old naadas (drawstrings), old tops, beads from old clothes and all kind of scrap. He too wanted to help with the ‘eseeesbishion’. I wasn’t too enthu as I had very little time and tons to do. All the same I made him roll, tear and glue the paper which he did with great delight.




But somewhere down the line he strayed off – he seemed more interested in using the newspaper sticks to drum. He strung the beads and decorated ganapati bappa and started drumming – scenes of the ganesh festivals. He did elaborate aartis for bappa using torn paper and distributed confetti mixed in glue as prasad.

Of course I was furious at the mess, but soon realised how he had come up with his own way of creatively recycling scrap and using them to recreate his favourite festival. Unfortunately I was too busy to take pictures.

Later when I got down to painting the products he did pitch in generously – used up an entire bottle of paint on 4 coasters!


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