Slanting lines, hopping curves, squiggles and giggles

One of the earliest things they teach in preschool is patterning. Kids are made to trace various patterns like straight lines, slanting lines, curves, circles, squiggles etc on paper. This hones their writing skills and helps in making a smooth transition to writing alphabets later.

P too has done a lot of pattern worksheets, but somehow after a point tracing them (the dotted patterns) seemed less fun.

This little game was made to spice things up!

I made a regular playing dice with chart paper (can stick plain paper on regular ones too). I made a big sized one so that it made manipulation easier for P and it gave me space to draw. I drew the patterns he was familiar with on the 6 sides, put a sheet of paper between us and we were ready to roll.


The game was to roll the dice, whichever pattern showed up, he was supposed to draw that on the chart with sketch pen/crayon/paint. I would do the same in my turn.


After a couple of turns and drawing I realised P was trying to join patterns to make them look like head, hands, legs hair etc. So what started as a pattern revision took an arty spin!


You could play it with older kids by adding one more dice and few more patterns. Whoever manages to draw some kind of theme – landscape/portrait/animal using just those pattern wins.

Or better everyone is a winner in art!


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