Book inspired!

P and I like to read, so we spend a lot of time reading and re-reading books. Given his age and love for repetition, sometimes the same books are re-read twice daily for 1 week straight. He has his favourite characters who eventually begin spilling on to our little art projects.

The favourit’est’ is Appu and Gajapathi (elephants from Appu and his friends and Gajapathy Kulapathy), Franklin turtle from the Franklin series, Shanmugham the lion from Snoring Shanmugham, Nemo and of course Noddy.

Given his love to cut and stick stuff, we did this little art work based on few of his favourite characters. I drew them out for him and made him cut coloured paper into small bits. He then spread the glue and started sticking away.

Added benefit – Its great for fine motor skill enhancement and also improves concentration level.






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