Inspiration from the fish market

Our trips to the fish market is usually an interesting one. Thanks to the friendly fisher woman, P gets to touch the fish, poke it, take it in his hands and fly the smaller ones like an imaginary plane.  Last weekend’s trip however, turned out to be a real treasure.

Our fisher woman had got 2 huge ray fish in her basket and she proudly displayed them to P. This is the first time he was seeing a real one, his earlier acquaintance being in the one in Nemo book. He was fascinated with its shape and exceptionally long tail. He twisted and coiled the long tail and played with it for a long time. We took a good 45 min to finally bid farewell to the ray fish.

As expected P wanted to make his own ray fish. Back home I pulled out our all purpose felt board (basic thermocol board that I wrapped with felt paper) and stuck a few board pins. P wanted to stick the pins alone alone so I gave him a couple. I let him decide where he wanted the pins to be stuck – after all its his version of ray fish. Finally we had something that looked like a ray fish.

I then gave him a long piece of wool which he wound around the pins – I had to help him here as winding the thin long piece of wool at the base of the pin proved to be tricky.


And there it was our version of the ray fish. The highlight of our creation – the loooong tail.


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