Like I mentioned earlier P has a mini hangar at home with all possible planes.


One weekend he realised he didn’t have Alitalia and wanted to get one. We put our foot down and stood our ground – no more planes. Over the day the whinning gained momentum and so did our stance. Finally we drew a deal, we’ll make one. I offered to draw which he promptly said, “amma the last time you drew me one, one engine was missing and the tail wing had no shape.” So much for offering to draw!

He promptly turned to the father and said ‘you make me one’. I don’t know if it was the touching faith his son showed in his artistic skills or his own love for planes, the father took over.

Out came scissors old business cards, ruler, pencil and fevicol – ‘project Alitalia’. I beat a hasty retreat lest I’m called for some menial work. The father and son were busy measuring, cutting and sticking. By evening the plane had a skeleton and the tired worker and elf called it a day.

making alitalia

Promptly they resumed next day with more sticking and fixing. It was actually turning out good. A final wrap with plain paper was given so that P could draw and colour the Alitalia logo. And voila – Alitalia was all ready to take off to Rome



2 thoughts on “Project Alitalia

  1. Absolutely brilliant! didn’t know such aero modelling expertise existed in the family. How about attempting INS Vikramditya now; I am sure Hari &P (with M keeping away) could do a better job than the enginners at Sevastapol shipyard.

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