P for planes

That P loves planes is an understatement. He is obsessed with them just like the father. Seeing his love for planes, family friends, all and sundry gift him planes. So we have a mini airport at home comprising of all airlines from the national carrier Air India to international carriers like Qantas and Air France. When he turned 2.5, the proud father passed on his made to scale Jet Airways (a gift to him from a family friend) as if it were a rare priceless heirloom!

Anyway, seeing his love for planes I have tried to include it in our art sessions be it colouring them or making paper models (which P almost always scoffs at!) or trying to make real models from play dough. One day I happened to see a pic of a really pretty sun catcher and that’s when we decided to make a plane sun catcher.

This was one project that got P super excited and he followed instructions to the ‘T’. We quickly drew the plane, the dimensions of which were corrected  almost as quickly by the very irate father, and coloured it with crayons. Then I cut out the portions where the transparent film would be stuck. I didn’t let P do that as it had to be done with a cutter rather than scissors. A lot of cutting and sticking and voila we had our plane sun catcher!

P proudly strung it together and displayed in our balcony. Alas the joy was short lived as we had a heavy downpour in the night and the sun catcher became a rain catcher!

Nevertheless we had a go at it another sunny day!Image


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