Our own little weave

Wanting to enhance his fine motor skill, I introduced P to beads and buttons (big ones) as soon as he could get a fair clasp over things. Initially he would explore them, try to push them around and occasionally try to take them near his mouth when I would intervene. Then we slowly moved to stringing the beads and the usual beading by colours.

One day he saw me braid a bracelet (with thread and small beads) and wanted to try. I wasn’t too sure as the beads were too small and he would not be able to handle the fine thread. A quick scan around the odds and end box, I made him a frame with regular ice cream sticks and tied  satin ribbon vertically to the top and bottom sticks. Then both P and took another piece of satin and started to weave in and out of the vertical bands. We got a beautiful weave pattern though it was just single colour.


It was super fun and after a point P wanted to do it ‘alone alone’

It is still one of the things I get him to do when he says ‘I’m bored’!


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