Mural book shelf

I love anything to do with art and craft and I think that’s the only time the ‘distracted me’ takes a back seat. I secretly hope that P associates his mother with colours and creativity.

I have been itching to do murals on walls for a very long time and was firmly stopped by the better half as we were on rental. So when I got an opportunity I jumped at it. Only, this time I was keen my little helper joined me.

P also shares another love of mine, books. I must confess we have been overly indulgent in that department. I have been meaning to get a book shelf for him as they were in various baskets and bags. So when we decided to get a book shelf made I thought why not mix up utility with art!

Trains are another of P’s craze. He can identify most of the trains that pass our local train station and has his own versions of Bombay local train, Duronto and Rajdhani at home. That’s where the idea for the mural came.

I got our carpenter to fix 3 basic boxes for the shelf and drew out the engine and engine driver (read P). Once done I painted the outlines and got P to fill the insides. Since I didn’t want a shoddy job I had to hold P’s hand and guide him through the painting, much to his annoyance. So when he insisted on painting the wheels in yellow and orange I gave in. After all it was his room and his shelf!

With few breaks finally we had a red and green train with yellow and orange wheels with coaches carrying books.We had a great time painting together and the shelf turned out great!

We stacked a few of his favourite board books and ganapati bappas in the coaches and  the train was ready to chug off!



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