Starting off

I consider myself on the right side of creativity and hence wanted P to explore the world of art. I tried to introduce him to colours from the time he was 4 months old. Somehow it just didn’t click with my little fellow.  All he was interested was in planes, trains (still is passionate) and drumming. He would drum on any surface and squeal in delight at the various resonance and sounds it produced.

It took a while for P to cozy up to art.

It started off one Janmashtami day when P was over 2 years old. I dunked his feet in a gooey mix of rice flour and made him walk on the floor. The little white foot prints caught his attention. I told him he was little Krishna who had walked into our house to look for butter. He was fascinated with the smooth texture of rice flour mix and the prints it left on the floor.

He started to explore with the gooey mess. He kept dipping his hands and feet in the rice flour mix and ran all over the place leaving little white hand and foot print. Soon we had a maze of prints from the door till the altar where a bowl of butter was kept in front of the diety.

Next day I mixed in some water colours and let him have a go again. The glee on his face told me I had him hooked to my world of art!

Note: In my excitement I forgot to click snaps. The one below is the drawn version

feet of flour


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